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2018 Community Picnic Pictures are Posted

(July 22, 2018) — Pictures from the 2018 community picnic are now posted. The event was held midday on June 9th at the Nature Center Pavillon in Cacapon State Park.

A special thanks to Jim and Jeri Mahan for organizing the event and to all the other volunteers who were recruited to help. About sixty people attended this year and a delightful time was had by all. It was a great example of our community spirit!

Pro tip: When you view the photos you can click any photo to open up a larger version and start a slide show of the collection.

All photos from past and future POA picnics are posted on the Events > Members picnic page, which you can find from the top navigation bar on this website. If you would like an uncompressed copy of one or more photos, contact our talented photographer and neighbor Donna Bender at donnaborntodance@yahoo.com.

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