U.S. 522 Comments Due April 1st

Thom Rubel/ March 7, 2019/ :: Blog

(March 7, 2019) — Whether you’re in support of the bypass or not (or ambivalent), please review the revised designs that were presented last week and send comments to the WV DOH by April 1st.

They listened to the community’s first round of comments, made design changes, and vastly improved the traffic flow/choices with existing 522. Now you have the opportunity to let them know which entrance design you prefer (if any) and ask for appropriate signage that will support our historic downtown businesses and facilities (Berkeley Springs State Park, etc). Numbers of comments matter here so please take a minute to read and respond.  Important elements to comment on:

  • DESIGN PREFERENCE – Comment on the T-section or Roundabout option if you have a preference.
  • NEEDED SIGNAGE – The state isn’t proactive about signage and it’s very important to the community that they be encouraged to create signage for: (1) Historic District, (2) Truck Route, (3) Food, gas, hotel, etc. at each end of the bypass and at exits (If we can designate the downtown area with signage as a Historic District (it is), rather than a Business District, the hope is to be able to keep attracting some of the drive-thru traffic that accounts for at least 30% of town business.  (The state has informed us that they can’t put up a “No Thru Trucks” sign because it’s a federal highway and the feds won’t allow it.)
  • REDUCTION IN PROPOSED SPEED from 65MPH to 55MPH – the intersections that local residents/buses will be crossing are at-grade (such as those at the Liberty Gas Station on US 522 South) and will be very close to many residential areas.
  • NOISE BUFFERS for residential areas along the bypass. This bypass isn’t located out in the country. It is very close to the town and will create noise pollution.

Information including the updated plan options, timeline, and informational sessions is available on the WV Transportation Department websiteFind comments for the project on that site in the comments section. (Update: Comments closed on April 1)

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