Cacapon South is located near Berkeley Springs, WV. The town has a fun tradition as an artsy community, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. A mix of full and part-time residents who live there treasure this unique community and its history.



  • A historic spa town
  • About two hours from DC and Baltimore
  • Map

A historic spa town

The town of Berkeley Springs still carries its original name “Bath” and prides itself on its historic beginnings. Before it was officially established, it was known as Medicinal Springs, Warm Springs and Healing Springs. The area’s warm mineral waters — said to have healing medicinal qualities — are central to its fame. The bountiful springs created a spa town which drew admirers near and far, ranging from native tribes and to the colonial elite including George Washington. In fact, George Washington was among the buyers of the first lots in 1777, after the town was founded in 1776 by the Virginia state legislature.

“I am very glad Colo Lewis purchased a lot or two for me at Warm Springs as it was always my intention to become a proprietor there if a town should be laid off at that place.”
— George Washington to Samuel Washington, October 27, 1777


The town’s tradition of “taking the waters” carries on today with both visitors and residents alike. The historic Roman Bath House at the North end of Berkeley Springs State Park, where they heat the water to 102 degrees, is just one of several spas in town.  Just outside the bathhouse, you will find a public water tap where you can fill your own jugs with the town’s natural spring water for free.

Two hours from the DC – Baltimore Area

Only a short distance from three other states, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, exudes a vitality that attracts visitors from all over. Cacapon South is about 10 miles from downtown Berkeley Springs. The center of town sports several excellent restaurants and a vibrant art scene. Visitors and residents alike enjoy a blend of real mountain beauty and many nearby recreational options — from hiking to golf to browsing bookstores and antique shops. Cacapon South is fortunate to be located directly across from the entrance to Cacapon Resort State Park on Route 522. The park’s lake, where you can swim, paddle-boat or kayak, is pictured on top of this page.