Members of the POA contribute to community maintenance and operations through an annual assessment. Occasional special assessments are possible, but only with the approval of a majority of members voting to fund special community projects.  HOA members pay separately as needed for a sewer fee and trash removal.


    • Property owner’s assessment
    • Road improvement plan
    • Cacapon South Utility
    • Trash removal


Property owner’s assessment

Amount: $300 per lot payable on January 1, each year, per the HOA Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Service: Primarily for road and common area maintenance, snow removal, entrance landscaping.

Road improvement plan 

Amount:  $200 per lot, for three years through 2019 with the consent of members

Service: To pave three gravel roads where the majority of members surveyed prefer paved roads.  Also financing some planned improvements on guardrails off the main road.

Cacapon South Utility  

Amount: $395.52 tariff per year for the public sewer utility fee (Note: By comparison, rates for residential customers in the Town of Bath, served by another public utility company, average approximately $591.12)

Service: The Cacapon South Utility, a public utility regulated by the West Virginia Public Service Commission, is a recirculating sand filter treatment facility and three lift stations. The holding tanks on each lot are inspected annually after the first full year of operation to ensure that the homeowner has not removed or altered the effluent filter. The customer is ultimately responsible for the maintenance of the holding tank with the effluent filter connected to each house.

Learn more about the Cacapon South Utility >

Trash removal 

Amount: $20 per month, payable on a quarterly basis; Bags may be purchased for $21 for a set of ten. The county has a no-cost recycling drop-off open on Saturdays on Route 522.

Service:  For weekly roadside pickup by Apple Valley Waste, a local private contractor.  Part-time residents may choose to skip trash service and haul out their own trash.