Cacapon South POA currently has an seven-member Board of Directors. Each elected member sits for a three-year term. There are committees for architecture, communications, and maintenance.


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Membership and roles

  • Bruce Anderson – Treasurer
  • Don Brannon – (Appointed) Co-chair of Maintenance Committee
  • LeeAnn Brannon (Appointed) – Architecture Review Committee Chair
  • Kathy Christian – Co-chair of the Communications Committee
  • Dale Kirchner – Co-chair of Maintenance Committee
  • Craig Thibaudeau – Vice President, Co-Chair of the Communications Committee
  • Carol Wiles – President


Bruce Anderson (Treasurer, Current term:  March 2023 – March 2026)

Bruce and his wife Susie relocated from Ellicott City, MD in April 2019.  Bruce worked as a Project Manager for mechanical contractors (HVAC & Plumbing) for the last 41 years having worked on nuclear power plants (upgrades) and many government projects. He served on the board of directors for Plumbers & Steamfitters Joint Union Local 486-MCA Apprenticeship School, bringing budget, curriculum, teachers, training, discipline, recruitment, and interview experience to the Cacapon South Board. He and Susie are navigating their new world of “retirement” and look forward to many rewarding years in Cacapon South and experiencing everything Wild Wonderful West Virginia has to offer.

Don Brannon (Maintenance Committee Co-Chair, Current term: Board Appointed)

Don and his spouse LeeAnn have been part of the community since 1999 when they started building their vacation home on Phoebe Lane.  Both are both “military brats”.  They are happy to be part of Cacapon South and look forward to giving back to a great community.

Don served in the Army for 23 years.  Before retiring in July 2020, he accumulated over 41 years of combined military and civilian service with the federal government. Prior to working at the Pentagon, his military career took them to Germany, Belgium, New York, Colorado, and Georgia. He primarily worked tactical and strategic communications for the Army, as part of the Army budget office responsible for funding weapon systems and dealing with Congress. Over his last 15 years of service, he worked with the Army on cradle-to-grave construction, demolition, inspection, and funding of military community housing development across the world.

LeeAnn Brannon (Architecture Review Committee Chair, Current term: Board Appointed)

LeeAnn retired to Cacapon South after 30 years of teaching elementary, junior, and high school level Art in international and stateside schools. She serves as chair of the Architecture Review Committee for the POA.

Kathy Christian
(Communications Committee Co-Chair, Current term: March 2023 – March 2026)

Kathy Christian moved to Cacapon South from Reston, VA in September 2020.  She retired after 20 years of Federal service as a Clinical Psychologist working at both the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  She currently has a private practice with an office in Winchester, VA.  Kathy has experience in the management and operations of both commercial businesses (health care) as well as a non-profit organization (K-8 school).

Dale Kirschner (Maintenance Committee Co-Chair, Current term: March 2022 – March 2025)

Dale was born and lived in the Baltimore area his whole life. He worked for Verizon for 30 years (16 years in marketing, and 14 years in network planning, developing, and managing budgets). After retiring as a Senior Planner from Verizon he worked for 10 years at the Maryland School for the Blind as a full-time substitute teacher. During this time he was a volunteer at the Historical Society of Baltimore County and was later elected to their Board of Directors.

He bought a lot in the River Ridge community in 1986 and came to Berkeley Springs and Cacapon State Park ever since. It is interesting that throughout this time there were very few changes to the park until the last year. Now it is rapidly growing. He and his wife Susan were wed in 2011 next to the Cacapon River and had a reception at the Cacapon State Park lodge. They both loved the area so much that in 2013 they bought a house in the Cacapon South community.

With this interest and love for the park, Dale started volunteering at the park’s nature center. He is now a Master Naturalist certified in the fall of 2017 and says he doesn’t have to make up nearly as many answers to questions. Besides working at the park nature center he “recruits” and coordinates many park volunteers.

Craig Thibaudeau, (Vice President, Communications Committee Co-Chair; Current term: March 2022 – March 2025)

Craig and his beloved wife and best friend Patti escaped the Washington D.C. metro area (Reston, Virginia) in 2020 to reside in Cacapon South.   Craig spent his career advocating for domestic and foreign policy with decision-makers in Washington DC and across the country. Over the last 15 years, he was passionately committed to K-12 education. Craig also served on the HOA Board while living in Reston. Patti’s 42-year career began with the FBI, and in 2016 she retired from the legal admin field. Together they raised two sons and are now the proud grandparents of Jaxson and Olivia. Cacapon South has become their heaven and haven.

Carol Wiles (Secretary, Current term: March 2022 – March 2025)

Carol Wiles and her husband Larry moved from WY to Cacapon South in November of 2020. The goal was to get closer to grandkids in the East.  Cacapon South had the perfect home, in a beautiful community. The Wiles have felt welcomed and value being good neighbors. When she learned the Property Owners Association was seeking new board members, Carol volunteered. Her goal is to be a good neighbor on the board by taking care of business in a way that promotes our best-shared life in this community.

Carol has worked as a special education teacher and a volunteer coordinator for a large church. She was on the POA Board of her Wyoming community for 10 years. Having married the boy next door 47 years ago, she also spent some years as a stay-at-home Mom while Larry worked at United Parcel Service. They’re feeling blessed to have landed in Almost Heaven, West Virginia.

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