The Cacapon South Property Owners Association sets and maintains community standards and provides administrative services for property owners.  This landing page describes the related information you will find on this website.



  • Meet the Board
  • Committees
  • Dues and fees
  • Governing documents
  • Elections

Meet the board >

Meet the Cacapon South POA Board of Directors. Read their bios. Learn about their terms and committee assignments.

Committees >

Find out about the standing committees of the POA, their leadership and focus areas and what they are working on.

Dues and fees >

Interested in what the current POA dues and fees are? This is where you can do that, including the annual property owners assessment, the current road improvement fee, the Cacapon South water utility fee and what you can expect to pay for private trash removal. POA fees.

Governing documents >

This is where you can read the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) along with the POA bylaws.  We also share guidelines and policy for property owners regarding rentals, snow removal, and POA election procedures and meetings.

Elections >

Election procedures for positions on the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Cacapon South Property Owners Association are described here. You can also download the nomination form from this page. Nominations are due the Friday before each year’s scheduled annual meeting the first weekend of November.