The POA Board has three standing committees: the Architectural Review Committee, the Communications Committee, and the Maintenance Committee, which also leads a special subcommittee to improve the community roads.



  • Architectural Review Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Maintenance Committee


Architectural Review Committee

Chairperson: LeeAnn Brannon

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is one of the key standing committees of the Cacapon South POA under its covenants.  Find documents for POA members to understand the rules of what they can and cannot do with respect to their home.

Communications Committee

Chairperson: Thom Rubel

This committee helps the POA with its communications efforts, including website publishing and outreach to members about local news, hazardous weather conditions, and other announcements.  Minutes for POA meetings are also transcribed and distributed to POA members by this group.

Maintenance Committee

Chairperson: Don Brannon

The Maintenance Committee advises the board on all matters related to maintenance, repair, or improvement of property in Cacapon South.  The Roads Subcommittee helps the POA implement its long-range plan to repave our asphalt roads while maintaining all community roads. Some asphalt roads have also been changed to paved roads as funds allow through a time-limited road fee.