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Community votes to end short-term rentals

The proposed amendment to our Covenants to end short-term rentals passed at a recent special meeting, the Cacapon South POA Board of Directors Reported.

The Board is at work to file the Amendment to our Covenants with the County Clerk, update our website with the new Covenants, and inform local realtors of this change.

The vote was 90 to 10 in favor

The vote was 90 yes, and 10 no.  Our community has 142 lots and 101 lots were represented at the special meeting through personal attendance or proxy.  One owner left without leaving a proxy prior to the vote.

Exemption provided for those who made declaration

There is an exemption for owners currently engaged and those declaring intent prior to the October 29, 2022, special meeting.  This exemption will end upon a change of ownership of the property.


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