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Important Update: Annual and Special Meetings Announcement

Cacapon South logoDear Property Owners,

We are providing a Notice of Special Meeting Cacapon South Property Owners Association and an extension of the notification date in the Board of Directors’ proposed amendment to the Covenants on short-term rentals. We hope to see everyone at this special meeting, and at our Annual Property Owners Association Meeting on October 29, 2022, at 10:00 AM at the Cacapon Resort State Park Lodge in the Rumsey Room.

PURPOSE: Vote on the Proposed Amendment to the Declaration of Covenants
WHEN: Saturday, October 29, 2022, immediately following Annual Meeting which will begin at 10 am
WHERE: Cacapon Resort State Park Lodge, Rumsey Room

Deadline for notice to continue short-term rentals extended to Oct 28

This is a follow-up to recent correspondence to each of you from the CSPOA Board of Directors (BOD), which included a proxy, regarding a proposed amendment to our Declaration of Covenants to address short-term rentals. More specifically, although the BOD’s previous correspondence on this matter had stated that August 31 was the deadline for all owners to notify the BOD of an owner’s intention to use its property for short-term rental, several owners subsequently asked the Board to extend that deadline.

The Board has agreed to do so, and the window for notification is being extended to October 28, 2022 (the day before the above-referenced CSPOA meetings). This two-word change is the only change in the proxy that was previously mailed to all owners (and posted on our website) regarding short-term rentals.

Proxy available for those who cannot attend in person

If you are unable to attend this very important meeting, please use the enclosed proxy form to participate. You may send your completed proxy form to the meeting with a neighbor. The Board will retain the completed form as an official record of your vote and who served as your proxy.

In addition, you may choose to designate the Board of Directors to execute your proxy by submitting the fully completed proxy form to the Secretary of the Board, Carol Wiles, by October 21, 2022. Forms can be delivered to her home, mailed, or scanned and emailed. If you have already submitted a proxy, please notify us in writing that you have received this change notice and verify that your vote remains as originally stated; or you may submit the revised proxy form. We apologize for this inconvenience to those who have already submitted a proxy.

The Board is working to confirm the list of owners that will be “grandfathered” for use of their property as short-term rentals, and will request written responses from those owners upon approval of the amendment.


The volunteer BOD seeks to be available and responsive to the concerns, questions, and comments from the community.

Please feel free to contact us at directors@cacaponsouthpoa.com

Respectfully serving,
Board of Directors, Cacapon South Property Owners Association

Bruce Anderson
Don Brannon
Scott DuBoff
Dale Kirchner
Reidonna King
Thom Rubel
Craig Thibaudeau
Carol Wiles

(NOTE: This communication was originally sent to POA members via email on September 26, 2022; See Property Owner’s Hub > POA Newsletter > (Sept 2022) Date Extension Notice (PDF) to read it as a PDF)


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