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Do you plan to build a new home in Cacapon South? The following contains information related to Cacapon South Covenants and Guidelines and obtaining Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval for new home construction. Hopefully, these guidelines will facilitate the experience and eliminate any misunderstanding, or delays, and assure compliance with the appropriate Covenants and Guidelines.

As provided in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is charged with enforcing the Covenants and maintaining the aesthetic integrity and design standards of homes within Cacapon South. All home construction, landscaping, and/or any alterations are subject to the Architectural Guidelines, review, and prior approval of the ARC.

Please do not hesitate to contact the current Architectural Committee Review (ARC) Chairperson with any questions you may have regarding this process and its requirements. You can find contact information about the current ARC Chairperson listed on the Committee page; Use this email address to reach out:

Phases for building plan approval

The approval process for the construction of a new home is outlined in full at the top of the document linked below.  Here is a top-line summary of the phases you can expect, as detailed in that document:

  1. Introductions: Contact the ARC Chairperson with any questions.
  2. Submit the [Request for Building Plan Approval] form, found below, along with supporting materials; Payment of the one-time Sewer tap fee must accompany the submission.

The Chairperson will meet with the members of the ARC and review:

  • The submitted plans on the [Request for Building Plan Approval] form
  • Building samples materials
  • House plans
  • Lot plat with house location, setbacks, driveway, etc.
  • Sewer Authorization Letter

This form conveys pertinent information that will, in turn, allow the ARC to quickly give approval, deny or grant a waiver.


  1. An onsite pre-construction conference will be scheduled with the builder, property owner(s), and ARC member after the review of the [Request for Building Plan Approval] form reveals that substantially all information has been received and plans have been approved by the ARC. Prior to the onsite meeting, a stakeout of the lot should have been accomplished to reflect the proposed location of the house, driveway, or amenities. At this conference, specifics will be discussed and agreed upon. Approval to build will be evidenced by the builder, owner, and ARC representative signing off on the site plan, house plans, and the [Request for Building Plan Approval] form.
  2. Work in progress and final inspections: The ARC’s representative shall have the right, during reasonable hours, to enter any site to inspect and ensure that all changes, structures, and improvements are constructed in conformance with the Covenants, Guidelines, and approved plans on the [Request for Building Plan Approval] form. Any changes to the exterior materials and/or colors not selected at the time of the initial submission must have the written approval of the ARC.
  3. Final landscape plan: The owner acknowledges that landscaping is essential in enhancing the curb appeal of one’s home and necessary in maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the community. Within the last month of construction and prior to the Completion Inspection, a final landscape plan must be submitted. Landscaping is mandatory as outlined in the Architectural Guidelines.
  4. Completion of inspection: At the end of construction, the ARC, or its representative, will review the property and neighboring areas for purposes of determining that the project was completed in accordance with the plans as submitted.

New home deficiencies

If the ARC finds that the work is not in compliance with the approved plans and the [Request for Building Plan Approval] form, the ARC will issue a letter of non-compliance. The Owner must correct the deficiencies and a follow-up inspection will then be performed.

If the noted deficiencies have not been corrected within the time frame specified, the ARC, as provided in the Covenants, reserves the right to have the necessary work completed and a lien placed against the property until payment is rendered for the cost of correcting the deficiency. All property owners should be aware of the terms and conditions of the Covenants that they, at the execution of their deeds, agreed to be bound by.

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