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POA Plans Roadway Tree Trimming, Improved Signs

(May 17, 2018) —- The Cacapon South POA Maintenance Committee has marked small trees and branches that are intruding upon our roadways for removal.

The limbs are a risk for tall vehicles like vans or delivery trucks because they can cause obstructed views at curves for drivers and pedestrians.

Branches near roads to be trimmed

The limbs will be cut back to the trunk of the tree, up to a height that will allow trucks to pass by without having to move into the center of the road. All debris will either be removed or chipped. The job will be performed by an independent contractor in the next few weeks.

In addition, the POA has placed small wooden posts at the intersection of Patrick Place and Medford’s Lane that mark signage additions or relocation.  The two posts with orange tape mark the location of two new stop signs. The post with the blue tape marks the new location of the road sign for Patrick Place/Medford’s Lane.  The goal of these changes is to reduce confusion by non-resident drivers regarding the right of way.

Community safety is the goal

Please note that the goal of this project is not to improve appearances, but to improve community safety.  All the above work will be performed within the POA common areas or the POA right of way.

Please contact Harry Weiss, the Chair of the Maintenance Committee with any questions or comments via the contact us page.

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