Building a House or Making Improvements?

Building a House or Making Improvements? (March 1, 2022) – To make it easier for property owners to understand and comply with our community’s requirements for new home construction and making exterior improvements to your existing home and property, the Architecture Review Committee has updated requirements and guidelines and the documents needed for submitting them for review. Keep in mind that all exterior improvements and changes to existing homes and properties including fences, decks, roofs, exterior painting, and the addition

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Keeping our Community Beautiful

Keeping our Community Beautiful (November 17, 2021) – Volunteers continue to keep our community looking great.  In late October the fence running along Rt522 was damaged by a driver running off the road into and through the fence.  It was a hit and run so we have no idea of who may have caused it and specifically when the damage occurred. Our POA board assessed the damage and immediately ordered the needed materials to repair it. Once the materials arrived,

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Flood Threat Reduction Effort Continues

Flood Thread Reduction Effort Continues (March 13, 2019) — Two enormous tree stumps that became a major obstacle in Indian Run as a result of Summer 2018 flooding have been removed as part of the Board’s ongoing effort to remove snags and obstacles that could cause future flooding.  The Cacapon South board thanks member Harry Weiss for his oversight and dogged pursuit in getting this accomplished. Clockwise from upper left: Original debris in creek, large double stump cut, stumps removed

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POA Plans Roadway Tree Trimming, Improved Signs

POA Plans Roadway Tree Trimming, Improved Signs (May 17, 2018) —- The Cacapon South POA Maintenance Committee has marked small trees and branches that are intruding upon our roadways for removal. The limbs are a risk for tall vehicles like vans or delivery trucks because they can cause obstructed views at curves for drivers and pedestrians. Branches near roads to be trimmed The limbs will be cut back to the trunk of the tree, up to a height that will

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2016 Road Paving Work Wraps Up

2016 Road Paving Work Wraps Up (August 30, 2016) –The 2016 paving work was completed in late summer. Weaver Paving performed road repaving on three roads: MDG Court Marjorie Court Wards Court

Gatehouse Roof Replaced

Gatehouse Roof Replaced (October 10, 2015) — Thanks to Ari Gejevski for this snapshot of work to replace the roof at the community gatehouse on Route 522.