Thom Rubel/ November 17, 2021/ :: Blog

Keeping our Community Beautiful

Repair in Progress

(November 17, 2021) – Volunteers continue to keep our community looking great.  In late October the fence running along Rt522 was damaged by a driver running off the road into and through the fence.  It was a hit and run so we have no idea of who may have caused it and specifically when the damage occurred.

Our POA board assessed the damage and immediately ordered the needed materials to repair it. Once the materials arrived, volunteers met and begin removing the damaged posts and railing and replacing them with the new materials. All four posts were dug up and replaced along with six rails.

The fence once again looks great as it leads into our beautiful community. A big shout-out goes to Harry Weiss, Dale Kirchner, Bruce Anderson, Craig Thibaudeau, Don Brannon, and our community handyman Enos Ray.  Job well done!

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